Antiretroviral therapy is an essential part of HIV treatment which allows you to maximise the effectiveness of the medications one consumes. There are many effective ways antiretroviral therapy helps in the life expectancy of people which has increased remarkably over the past years. These medications can easily increase a person’s chance of living a very healthy and normal life.

Antiretroviral therapy controls the virus

controls the virus

Antiretroviral therapy or ART allows you to prevent HIV from replicating in any stage of its life. It works by blocking the natural reproduction, which can be brought down under control which generally goes undetectable. As the virus has gone down, this does not mean that it is cured. It just allows your immune system to help fight off any infections. It is important that one understands the value of taking the treatment regularly to help to decrease the risk of the virus to reemerge, which can make it much more difficult to treat.

ART must be individualised to help treat the virus

It is important that people understand that there are many kinds of HIV and has a lot of subtypes as well, which allows you to differ in structure and also strength. There are many genetic tests or genotype tests which can help identify the type of virus and allows the treatment or the drugs to be tailored to your needs. There are many ways that a doctor will consider your treatment. This can include things like understanding your medical conditions, side effects, drug resistance and other things. The main aim here to help find a simple and most effective form of drug combination which will have fewer possible side effects.

Everyone with HIV should take ART


ART is not something that is only specified to certain group buy ART is prescribed to people who have their immune system compromised. The timing of ART can easily ensure that the drugs you take can be more effective in killing the virus from its roots. It is said that with the right ART demonstration, the patient risks of a serious illness can be cut down by 53%. But one has to ensure that timing of the illness as there is a chance of delays and an increase in the risk of HIV associated illnesses. One has to keep track of the patient with the right records of age, race, gender, and other status.

HIV can become resistant to ART

When using ART, it is natural that HIV will go through mutation which if successful, can help in suppressing and allowing you to follow a very strict regime. But if you miss the dose there us a high chance that there will be a drop in the level of blood. This can lead to the virus going through mutation, which can become drug-resistant and can dominate over your body. The treatment needs to occur naturally in the full course of the therapy to show the right effects.

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