Let us introduce to you Huge.com, a new, innovative erectile dysfunction prescription subscription program offering potent pills that deliver quick, stiff erections to men who have lost their way a long time ago. The prices for the plans are reasonable, so any average joe can reach in their pockets and find loose change to pay for a subscription plan.

Having the advantage of completing a doctor visit online keeps you from exposing your ED problems to the world. Moreover, your credit card and personal information are safe in the Huge medical system with protected LegitScript and HIPAA certifications.

We have tested this product extensively, and will give you a real review that you can trust. Here are five things we liked and disliked about the Huge.com prescription subscription program.

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Review of What We Liked About Huge.com

1. Easy to cancel

A normal procedure in science is to have a test group try out a product to verify safety standards. After testing the Huge.com customer service system and having one of our trusted reviewers consume the easy-to-swallow pills, not only did we conclude this product works great but also the staff honors the cancellation should you change your mind about subscribing to the plan.

Some men might arrive at the conclusion that they do not need this product, and will cancel their orders immediately. Huge make that cancellation process simple and easy through contacting customer service support at support@huge.com, or by logging in to your account, clicking on the Orders Page and press the Pause button.

Something worth mentioning is the company does not double charge your credit or debit card. Faulty systems often double charge customers’ accounts and create frustration when the money you worked hard for is suddenly taken away. Huge is one of the lucky companies that does not do that. The total of our associate’s order was $19.99. That exact amount Huge RX charged to the credit card eliminates worry about higher pre-authorization charges or taxes collected at the final purchase screen.

We confirmed the safety of giving them your card.

2. Works well, more powerful than other competitor medications

Normally, any new men’s health company goes through trial-and-error actions to sharpen their learning curves about the pitfalls that help build the brand. A great example is how Bluechew learned the ropes from Viagra and Cialis.

Therefore, we can conclude that Huge.com RX has learned and applied formula enhancements of sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) products from others in the industry. A smart way to do business.

50mg of sildenafil and 10mg of tadalafil are impressive amounts of the medicine compared to 25mg of forhims or 30mg of Bluechew. Additionally, the prices are reasonable, ranging from $20 to $90 plans. 

Taking a higher amount of an ED medication is risky to achieving a quicker, and long-lasting hard-on. As such, flushing and itching of the skin, headaches, among other side effects, are normally associated with sildenafil and tadalafil medications. We would say don’t worry about that because both ingredients are FDA-approved, which feels good to know.

3. Refund policy

If the product did not work satisfactorily to your expectations, Huge.com offers a full refund (minus shipping) if requested within 30 days from the purchase date. Not only is the cancellation honored, but the refund gets processed relatively soon.

4. Nice packaging and fast shipping

The Huge pills arrived at our office expertly packaged discreetly. Therefore, a client visiting our office is completely oblivious as to what’s inside the package. Moreover, the package arrived a day earlier than expected.

5 things we didn’t like about Huge.com

1. Not available in every state

Huge is available in many US states, excluding Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, and South Carolina, respectively. We think that’s a pretty impressive range for a new ED company. That alone puts Huge at the top of our list. We can honestly say that huge.com has reached far on a national scale. It shows this product is real, trusted, and safe enough for people across the country in most cities and states to use. If the product wasn’t safe, these states would not approve the medical shipments.

2. Huge.com Pills need to be swallowed

Erectile dysfunction companies need to understand that being unique trumps everything else in advertising. That brings me to this point: tablet chewables like Bluechew are easy to swallow, and that makes a huge difference in an experience that’s worth paying more. Huge, however, offers generic pills seen at a pharmacy. Therefore, men who suffer pill anxiety or pharmacophobia would find it difficult to swallow these pills comfortably. Chewables are tastier, easier to grind up for consumption and look so much better on the outside, which makes them more preferable across the board to take.

3. Design of the Huge.com website

My colleagues would disagree with my assessment, but I liked the design of Huge’s medication packages and website wallpaper. The lime green color stands out, looks futuristic, modern, hip and cool, and ‘in-your-face’, so to speak. 

In terms of professionalism, these colors are bad choices and scream for attention. The competitors have comforting, soothing, or neutral colors like cream, blue, black that make clients gravitate towards them. The psychology behind color and consumer behavior is astounding with 85% of customers admitting colors are a primary reason for purchasing a product.

However, we can interject that the design stands out with confidence, and when it comes to marketing, this is the best approach especially if the company is new on the scene. Lime green helps Huge make a unique mark in the industry.

Aside from the design, the product worked great, and that trumps the ‘tacky’ design. However, the design does not look as good as the competitors’. All in all, the colors just weren’t for us.

4. The online doctor visit and health assessment is a hassle

Anyone who has endured the strenuous ‘test-taking’ exercise of filling out the medical form knows how annoying answering 20+ questions is for someone who has a short attention span. Additionally, if you do not know information like your blood pressure or haven’t had a physical in the last five years, you are encouraged to go to the pharmacy and get these tests done. Going through this extra work could build anxiety and test your patience just from answering a bunch of multiple-choice questions to get approved for the product. Our tester prefers a shorter questionnaire that Huge does not currently provide. Filling out a long questionnaire is more annoying than getting natural products from Amazon, but compared to Bluechew it’s easier.

5. No Huge free samples (for now)

We requested a free sample from Huge.com, and unfortunately, they declined, stating that each person has to be prescribed the medication. That makes sense to us. However, sometimes potential clients might sit at their home staring at the computer screen for long hours or days contemplating whether to sign up for a subscription program because they don’t want to waste money on something that potentially doesn’t work.

By offering a free sample eliminates this pondering process and pushes the potential client to faithfully place an order. However, Huge offers an affordable $19.99 per month subscription plan with no extra fees, which makes up for the free sample.

Check the Current Price for Huge Medication Here

Huge.com FAQs

Q: Pricing and plans for the Huge.com supplement prescription

A: The pricing will depend on the plans selected.

  • Tadalafil – 3 tablets – $19.99/month
  • Tadalafil – 9 tablets – $49.99/month
  • Tadalafil – 18 tablets – $89.99/month
  • Sildenafil – 5 tablets – $19.99/month
  • Sildenafil – 14 tablets – $49.99/month
  • Sildenafil – 28 tablets – $89.99/month

Q: Are the pills offered on Huge are safe to take?

A: Huge’s erectile dysfunction pills are safe to take. If the medication was unsafe, the FDA would have not approved the ingredients. Huge.com offers medications created with Viagra and Cialis formulas, so any potential side effects would be similar to what you would experience with these products.

The existence of an online medical visit helps the doctor take a look at your health status and determine if this product should be prescribed. If you take nitrates or vasodilators, or suffer high blood pressure, among different health issues, you will not be prescribed Huge. Telling the truth on the health assessment is paramount to protecting your health.

Q: How can people who live outside the network get their hands on huge

A: Sorry, Huge products cannot ship to people who live in states outside the network. Anyone visiting the website from Alaska, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Louisiana is automatically blocked. Bluechew ships to more states and might be an option worth checking on in this regard.

Q: Can women take Huge?

A: No, women cannot use Huge. The product is only for men. Women will not become aroused after taking sildenafil or tadalafil.

Q: Does insurance cover the cost of Huge

A: No, Huge ED products are an out-of-pocket expense, so you need to have a debit or credit card on hand to order.

Final Verdict of our Huge Review

Overall, Huge looks promising to men who want to please their women in bed. The powerful 50mg sildenafil potency has aroused me without ever taking a pill. The lime green color code makes the product stand out. The availability in the majority of states is a good sign the product is safe and reliable. We believe Huge deserves 5-stars.

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