About Us


Who we are

Cell-Life NPC is a non-profit organisation that provides technology-based solutions for the management of health in developing countries. Our function is to address health-related challenges, such as distribution of anti-retroviral treatments, continuous patient monitoring and evaluation, and collection and communication of information. This is achieved through the use and development of innovative software supported by existing technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet, in a manner that is appropriate for a developing-country context.


In order to become self sustainable, mHealth Solutions was formed in 2010 as Cell-Life’s wholly-owned commercial subsidiary. mHealth Solutions’ focus is on providing Cell-Life’s products and services to the broader commercial health industry.

Mobile Health

Cell-Life also has expertise in the preparation of Health-related information and communication (IEC) materials tailored for delivery via mobile. We have also designed and run a range of formal research studies evaluating the use of mobiles in health (mHealth) as well as scaled programmes.

Cell-Life’s 10 years of experience has helped in the understanding of the unique challenges facing the development and implementation of e-health systems working in the public sector in Africa. Our practical insights and research enables us to develop context-specific, cost-effective solutions.

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