First Look

Best Overall: Provestra

Provestra is a fantastic all-around option for women who want to bring the spark back to their love life — and it can help with a variety of other female issues as well.

Best for Beginners: HerSolution

HerSolution works almost as well as Provestra, but it’s much gentler (and more expensive).

Best All-Natural: Maca Root

Made from a rare Peruvian plant, maca root is one of the simplest and purest female libido boosters on the planet.

Best Budget: Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is cheap, widely available, and proven to work, but it’s also the most likely to cause side effects.

When it comes to sex, for many women the spirit is willing but the body is weak.

For these women, intimacy is something they want to have happen, but they can’t just get their minds and bodies on the same page. There are too many other things competing for their attention, and that kills their sex drives.

My wife is one of those women who’d like to have sex more often but just can’t seem to get in the mood. So, when I learned that there are various methods women can use to reignite their passion, I decided to see if they were legit or just another scam.

I ordered several bottles of the top over-the-counter female arousal pills to put them to the test, once and for all.


The Top Over-the-Counter Female Arousal Pills

There are a few things we should talk about before we get started.

First of all, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the pills that are available. Some are only available with a prescription, while others are clearly scams. I only looked at the best over-the-counter options available.

Also, there are treatments other than pills (such as creams). However, for the purposes of this list, my wife and I only tested pills.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at what I found.

Provestra – Best Overall

Provestra is a daily supplement that’s full of herbs and other natural ingredients that have long been rumored to boost female libido.

It’s not just designed to get a woman in the mood, though. It’s also intended to make the entire experience more pleasurable for her.

That means increasing the intensity of the sensations she feels, boosting her natural lubrication levels, and even improving her orgasms. It’s no wonder that she’d want sex more often if Provestra could do all that!

It’s not just about improving sex, either. It can also reduce hot flashes, make periods less painful, and even out mood swings.

As you might expect from a product that promises all of that, this is not a simple formula by any means. I counted over 18 proven nutrients on the label, so it’s designed to fix all the possible causes of a failing libido.

The ingredients include things like Theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate that increases blood flow to the genitals. It also has Damiana leaf, a rare aphrodisiac that stimulates muscular contractions in the genitals, making the clitoris more sensitive and orgasms more intense.

According to the manufacturer, Provestra can start working in as little as one week. My wife didn’t notice any difference until nearly two weeks had passed, however.

But when it did take effect — wow. This is one product that actually lived up to its billing as the female Viagra.

There’s a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg thing going on here, as I don’t know if her sex drive increased because the sex got better or vice versa. All I know is that we’re making love more often than we ever have, and it’s better than it’s ever been.

Now, I can’t speak to how well it treats hot flashes and period cramps, as I didn’t ask. All I know is that Provestra is the best female libido booster we found.

However — and this is extremely important — Provestra is not safe for use while pregnant, so stop taking it immediately in that case. 

My wife and I are well past the age where that’s an issue, but for those who aren’t, it’s something that should be taken extremely seriously.



HerSolution – Best for Beginners

HerSolution is a lot like Provestra in that it’s a natural supplement you take daily. However, it’s much simpler, and as a result, it doesn’t offer as many benefits.

That may not matter much to you, of course, so long as it offers the big benefit. It’s designed to increase lubrication, boost blood flow, and make sensations more powerful, and it gets high marks in all three categories.

My wife said it certainly helped, but that she preferred Provestra. That was alright with me, because Provestra is also considerably less expensive (not that I wouldn’t be willing to pay more for her having a higher sex drive, of course).

It only has six ingredients, and there’s little overlap with Provestra (I think Gingko Biloba is the only thing they both contain).

The good news about a limited-ingredient formula is that it’s less likely to cause side effects, and it should be safe to take while pregnant — but check with your doctor, just to be sure. 

However, since there are fewer nutrients inside, it packs less of a wallop. If you’re really struggling with your sexual desire, HerSolution just may not be powerful enough to make a difference.

For women who want to experiment with a gentler formula, though, HerSolution is a great (and safe) way to see how instant female arousal pills affect you.



Maca Root – Best All-Natural

maca root

Maca is made from the roots of a Peruvian plant that’s found high up in the Andes. You can find it as a powder that you can mix in smoothies, or you can just buy capsules filled with the stuff.

While the two products above are blends of proven aphrodisiacs, maca root is a pure supplement. Most of the maca products on the market contain just the herb and nothing else, save a few preservatives.

That makes it very safe and gentle, but it also means it doesn’t haven any failsafes. It will either work for you or it won’t.

However, the good news is that there seems to be significant evidence that it works, at least for some people. Be aware, however, that while studies done on maca have shown it can help boost female sexual arousal, they don’t quantify how much it helps.

It’s a libido booster for both women and men, so this is one product you can take together. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all.

Maca root was a helpful supplement for both my wife and I, but it wasn’t a game-changer by any means. However, you may not want a game-changer, so if you’re only looking for a slight boost in sexual desire, it’s worth a shot.



Tribulus Terrestris – Best Budget

Tribulus terrestris is Eastern Medicine’s answer to maca root. It’s made from a plant that grows in Eurasia and Africa, and it’s long been used in those places to boost female arousal.According to one recent study, women who took Tribulus terrestris regularly experienced heightened arousal, more lubrication, and increased sexual satisfaction. It also helped women who experienced pain during sexual activity.While there’s strong evidence that Tribulus terrestris works, it’s not without its flaws. For one thing, you have to take it for several months before you see results. It can also cause certain side effects like stomach cramps. As a result, it’s not for everyone.

To be completely honest with you, my wife stopped taking Tribulus terrestris before she saw results (I think she took it for two or three weeks). However, she didn’t experience any cramps or other issues while on it.

Would it have worked for her if she’d stayed on it? I can’t say for sure, but it seemed pointless to keep taking it after we’d discovered Provestra and HerSolution.

It’s very easy to find, though, and it’s not very expensive, so it should at least be easy to test out if you’re interested.




Will these arousal pills interfere with my birth control?

They shouldn’t, no. There’s nothing in them that should affect your birth control’s effectiveness, or compromise the safety of other medications you’re currently taking. However, you should check with your doctor just to be safe.

Will they work for menopausal or post-menopausal women?

Not only will they work, but they may actually work better. Pre-menopausal women will likely only experience more sexual desire and increased sexual satisfaction, but post-menopausal women may find that these pills help with the symptoms of menopause as well, including improving hot flashes and mood swings.

Will they help regardless of what’s causing my low libido?

That’s not something we can promise. However, they should help if the cause of your low sex drive is physical in nature. Many women suffer from low arousal due to emotional trauma or similar issues, though, and supplements may not work if that’s the case (although they probably won’t hurt, either).

Can these products help me have an orgasm if I’ve never had one before?

There are no guarantees that they’ll help you reach an orgasm, but many women report having their first “O” thanks to libido boosters. Since these pills stimulate blood pressure to the genitals and increase vaginal and uterine contractions, they may just help you finally reach climax as well.

Are they safe?

They should be, yes. However, we can’t answer that with confidence without knowing your medical history, so this is a question that’s best asked of your doctor. Pregnant or lactating women should be especially cautious about using them, though.

Are there any side effects I should worry about?

Not usually. Since they all use natural ingredients, you’re less likely to suffer any unwanted side effects. About the worst thing you have to worry about is the occasional upset stomach.

The Bottom Line

Any woman who’s struggling with their libido should consider trying an over-the-counter female arousal pill. These all-natural solutions have helped thousands of other women reignite the passion in their own sex lives.

They’re not miracle pills by any means, but they can certainly help you increase your desire, have more fun during sex, and experience newfound passion. Best of all, they’re completely safe, affordable, and have few side effects.

While I originally purchased some simply for the purposes of reviewing them here, my wife and I have found that they’ve earned a regular spot in our medicine cabinet. Our sex lives have never been better — and not to brag, but that’s saying something.

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