is a Canadian company that ships ED medication to anyone in Canada.

This is huge, since many similar companies in the USA, like Hims, GetRoman, or Bluechew do not ship to Canadian citizens due to the country’s different regulations.

Studies show that 52% of Canadian men have trouble staying sexually aroused. Not being able to perform is an embarrassment for them because they want to sexually please their wives. 

“Phoenix will rise again” seems to be the perfect tagline for this product because it that rectifies the issue. It insinuates that the male organ will rise again regenerated like the Greek mythological bird rising from the ashes.

Science has proven time, and again that erectile dysfunction indicates other health issues like high blood pressure or excessive toxin buildup. Therefore, the best solution is a complete exodus of unhealthy lifestyle habits. One method is eliminating sugar, sodium, and unhealthy saturated fats from the diet, and replacing them with raw fruits and organic vegetables. Add daily exercises to the regimen. Additionally, jelqing exercises might help the cause as it involves penis-stretching exercises. Although this is hard work and risky in some instances, some men prefer taking ED pills as a quick fix.

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How to Start the Ordering Process? Rising Phoenix in Canada

You can get your hands on the Phoenix Rising ED pills by clicking Start My Visit. The company makes the process easy. A prominent tab opens a virtual meeting with a Rising Phoenix doctor on your smartphone or desktop PC. All professionals associated and working with Phoenix are located in Canada and will only provide service to men in Ontario. Professionalism is always a good sign when entrusting a company with your personal information.

Shipping Time and Packaging

Phoenix will bill the prescription monthly to the saved credit card applied to your account. After the payment confirmation clears, the medication ships the next business day via the Canadian mail postal services. The average grace period between ordering and shipping is 48 hours. The receiver has to sign-off on the package. Therefore, you should have the product in your hands between 3-5 days. You can order the product on a Tuesday and have it delivered by Friday to use on a weekend date. Taking those steps is easy for anyone.

The pills are discreetly packaged to look like any random item. Anyone who witnessed the package in your hand will have no clue of the contents.

What is the Health Assessment Like?

The system will require a government name, gender, phone number, birthday, and postal code to complete the order. After this information is autoconfirmed, filling out the health assessment is the next step. Best to relax because the questions are long and will take time to complete. Upon completion, you are required to snapshot government-issued Canadian ID. Upload the picture to the Drop Here box. An identity confirmation check is normally quick.

You will have to disclose your medical history to your assigned Rising Phoenix doctor. The information does not need to come from your primary physician but by you. You can forget about making an unnecessary trip to the clinic; you just need to know about your health status and be willing to share that information with Phoenix. You are responsible for providing this information to ensure you remain safe when taking the products.

Blood Pressure Assessment

An example question encountered during the health assessment is about your blood pressure. Have these readings on hand so you can complete the assessment the same day. If you do not know your blood pressure, find a local clinic, set up an appointment to get a test. Many local pharmacies around Ontario will take a reading at no charge. Providing an accurate blood pressure reading to Phoenix is paramount because a false one could put your life in danger. The reason being, the active ingredients sildenafil and tadalafil manipulate the blood pressure to assist with opening chambers in the penis. With this opening, a large amount of blood flow can reach the penis more quickly and make it expand. A person with severe BP issues will likely have a bad reaction by this sudden change in blood pressure. It is a good idea to stay honest with your answers.

Additional Important Questions

Another critical question is about herbs or similar ED medications that you have taken. This is important because possible bad reactions can happen due to mixing, especially if alcohol or illegal substances are involved.

You will get asked about your physical abilities like, can you jog a mile? 

Some men generally feel insecure about walking into a clinic and telling the physician about this type of stuff, especially their erectile dysfunction problem. Having the option to consult online keeps the identity hidden and safe at home, which brings comfort.

My Review of their Sildenafil & Tadalafil Plans

The male Rising Phoenix pills plans are monthly subscriptions for a couple of pills to take weekly. Daily treatments are not yet available but are projected to get approved soon. 

The two chemical compositions for the ED pills are generic sildenafil and tadalafil:


Sildenafil (Viagra) is the quick-acting one with an arousal time of 30 minutes. The chemical stays in the system 4-6 hours. It works just like Viagra, and therefore better for younger guys who know exactly when they will sex.

Tadalafil (Cialis)

Tadalafil (Cialis) is the slower process that works within 24 hours. This active ingredient works best for older guys who are unsure when they will have a good time.

Generally, here are the plans you will get:

Phoenix ED Meds Potential Side Effects

The side effects are like the active ingredients sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). Potential side effects information is readily available online with a simple Google search. Any medical publication about sildenafil and tadalafil will likely list the side effects. Again, honest answers on the health assessment during the virtual meeting will limit the chances of feeling them. A few potential ones are nausea, headaches, and skin breakouts. These things usually happen if someone takes more than prescribed.

To ensure the medication is high quality, these pills endured rigorous testing. Not to get confused with the Rising Phoenix 5K Triple Maximum Male Enhancement on Amazon, ED medications are sildenafil and tadalafil pills.

Is Your Credit Card Safe to Enter on Their Site?

Many guys worry about keeping their personal information safe when using a new website. You will be pleased to know that Phoenix is in compliance with Canadian PHIPA, which is like the HIIPA compliance action in the United States. The website has a Legit Script seal approved on July 29th 2020. Security seems top-notch.

How to Pay for Phoenix ED Pills

Rising Phoenix accepts credit cards. The online doctor consultation price is a one-time fee of $40, which is on the expensive side and would need to be paid before your visit. Programs like Bluechew offer a 100% free online consultation. However, the Phoenix price justifies itself because it is Canadian. After the $40 fee and the charge for the plan are collected. there are no extra fees. Company Background

The original location of Phoenix is the Alliance Pharmacy Group Inc in Aurora, Ontario. The company’s accreditation number is 302111. That shows you this company is the real deal.

How to Contact Customer Service & Information About Refund Policies does not accept returns. Make up your mind before you choose to order. But who wants to change their minds about this anyway, correct?

However, if you need help with anything, including subscription plan cancellations, customer support will be glad to assist at

Phoenix is pretty good at connecting customers with a representative to help with their needs. You can always DM them on Instagram at Another option is to send a letter to the Toronto address on the website.

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The Rising Final Word – Conclusion – Is It Legit?

Rising Phoenix is the real deal. This company offers genuine Viagra and Cialis, which is why the subscriptions can be expensive. But this company also has generic sildenafil for a significantly lower price. Yes, we agree that some of the costs are expensive, but this is the best ED solution in Canada. It helps men living in Ontario stay hard in bed. The Rising Phoenix review acceptance rate is pretty high, and that speaks volumes. This product works best in the region.

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