The main aim of community nowadays is to help fight HIV and AIDS as there are many alumni who are looking to the technological advancements into the lives of communities who are more prone. These communities include San Francisco, Vietnam, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, etc. Technologies have helped ensure that it is easier than ever to get the right information about the deficiency. Here are some of the ways that have proven to be effective on the spreading awareness about HIV.

Encouraging HIV testing and care in Vietnam

A team of individuals reached out to more than 360 people in Vietnam and launched a program which encouraged people to get HIV tested and take regular care and maintenance through the gamification process. In this program, they tried to incentive the health-seeking action allowing the individuals to collect data, improve patient communication and also document the client interaction. This was also done through workforce development as through task shifting, performance support and human resource management.

Promoting HIV support groups and health management

Fighting HIV a

Reverend Neelley Hicks is a success story who used the SMS messages to help remind the HIV pro messages to the members of the community in Malawi who attended the support group and helped with the health management classes. The significance of reaching the program was beneficial as the community health workers learned the different ways to get the right help. The mobile phones stay away with the person as it tries to make things much easier.

HIV prevention in California

A San Francisco based organisation named A&PI started their fight in against HIV and AIDS which allowed the people to be much more informed about the programmes through the means of eLearning. This was a curriculum set which trained the community members about the clinical and non-clinical providers who worked in the field. They also strived to address the health concerns which is needed to marginalised these vulnerable groups regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual identity and other status.


Correctly prescribing HIV antiretroviral drugs via a mobile app

Dr Musaed Abrahams to help correctly prescribe the right medicine to the patient, launched a mobile app which helped manage the right antiretroviral treatments. The mobile app can help be a mentor for the clinicians as well as the patients, which helped ensure that the right treatment is being followed. It provides you with real-time feedback and also guides the children to help have reliable care. It allows the doctor to have a proper plan and also aim at educating and raising the standards of patient care with the help of an App called the Aviro which is available to all android users at Google play store.

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